Samantha Hansen  June 1, 2024

Always fixes my neck and back aches and Great at getting you in quick.

Lynnette Walcheski   May 29, 2024

I started going to Dr. Kate a couple years ago. She has helped me with my long standing back issues. She also cares very much about your overall health and gives very good advice for improving your health and body. Super nice lady and very easy to talk to. And it always helps to get some love from Toby too when you walk in the door!

-Melissa Patten   May 2024

Love this chiropractor clinic! Kate and Tobi are the best!

- Shirley Nicolai     May 1, 2024

Dr. Kate has superior knowledge and a caring heart. She goes above and beyond in the care of her clients. I have been in her care for over 15 years. And of course her co-partner Tobi, the chocolate lab always greets you at the door with a paw of Welcome.

- Michelle Sierra    April 29, 2024

Very thorough, sincerely wanted to help me feel better, and I do feel much better!

Jennifer Morrison    April 2024

Amazing service. She was able to get me in right away and address the issue I was having with my shoulder. Felt better right away and continued to work on it for several weeks till the issue was resolved! Highly recommend

Nicole Heidelberger   April 9, 2024

Dr. Kate is so professional, kind and amazing! Thank you for your gentle care! 🙂

- Shana Bell    April 3, 2024

I’ve been going to Dr. Kate since I was in high school. She is has helped me keep my headaches at bay. She is very friendly while still being professional. She is amazing at getting you in and working around your schedule. I highly recommend going to Knafla chiropractic!

- John Ellison    March 21, 2024

I have been going to Dr. kate since she began her practice. It seems like at least 20 years ago. She stays current and increases her understanding and skills, and is constantly learning. She is friendly, professional, she knows what she is doing! I will keep going back!

- Alden Osvold    March 14, 2024

It was a great experience very professionally and friendly. The door greeter is very friendly and love able.

-  Barbara Thompson 2/21/2024

-  Penny Rohlfs 2/20/2024

Kay Fenning - Jan 19, 2024

love the reminders! always on time. its always nice to see Toby. love chatting post adjustment. easy scheduling.

- Polly Robbins - January 11, 2024

Very satisfied with visits !

Brad & Jan Vigen - January 9, 2024

I’ve seen Dr. Kate for many years. She listens to what I perceive my need to be & then addresses it in a healthy way. She & Toby (her dog) are always there to help.

- Megan Rupp - Jan 8, 2024

Dr. Knafla is a life saver! Every time I call, she uses her magic to make me good as new. Tobi
is also the cutest receptionist I’ve ever met. Highly recommend her work!

- Jana Roberts - Jan 5, 2024

Have gone to Dr Kate since 2000 after a motorcycle accident. She has
helped me numerous times. Don't know what I would do without her.

Sherry L  -  Jan 05, 2024

You don't have to improve in my opinion. You always get me in right away, you always are kind and always make me feel better. I leave knowing I can call any time. Keep doing what you do.

- Amy Malone - January 4, 2024 on GOOGLE

Nothing better than being greeted by a sweet puppy and getting a great adjustment. So accommodating.

- Jenna Kienitz November 14, 2023 on GOOGLE

I literally could barley move my neck, just woke up like that, she fit me in not once but twice now! Highly recommend!!!

- Michaela T.  June 2023 on GOOGLE

I have been going here on and off my entire life! There's no one I would trust more for chiropractic care! My son has gone since he was just a few months old, it's amazing what a great adjustment does for your little ones to!

- Elisabeth Palmer January 2023 on GOOGLE

Dr. Kate takes the time to listen and understand her patients. She is very good at explaining her treatment and goals. Always able to fit you in.

-Sara Shaw December 2022 on GOOGLE

Best chiropractor and lady in my opinion and her sweet dog toby too who greats you ❤️

- Muddy Chevy 2022 on GOOGLE

The staff was helpful and friendly. And they had an adorable dog named Toby So that's always a bonus. The doctor was very good at explaining stuff in a way that anyone could understand.

-Christine Hager  recommends Knafla Chiropractic Clinic on FACEBOOK December 2020

I recently moved to Princeton. Happy I decided to try Knafla Chiropractor Clinic. Wasn't able to fully extend my knee and she has worked with me for 3 weeks a couple times a week finally seeing some improvements after a couple years. Dr. Kate is a great listener and cares how you are doing.

-Lacey Knudson August 2020 - 5 stars on Google

Love the staff and going here.

-Jerry and Cindy M. March 06, 2019

Thanks Dr Kate. My back issues are finally feeling better. My wife was right that you would listen to me about my back problems as well as fixing my problems. Thanks Jerry MACH Dr Kate, I can’t thank you enough for all the years you have taken care of me. I trust you and have always been happy with the care you have given me. Thank you Cindy Mach

-Jennifer Garbacz 12/23/18

Dr Kate is awesome!!! She really cares about her clients and is very knowledgeable. This is the best place to go for supplements to support your unique needs!!!

- Daniel Erickson 11/7/2018

I was having some upper back pain and Knafla chiropractic did a great job with the type of treatment they give that I had never had at any other Chiropractor. It helped immensely!

-Lynne Raymo 10/19/2018

Always takes great care of me!! Thank you Dr. Kate

-Lynne R. 10/19/18

Thank you

I went to Dr. Kate for sever plantar fasciitis in both feet. In 4 short visits with ultrasound, message, exercises and her chiropractic magic I feel 100% better. I even have inserts to prevent this from ever returning. Thank you Dr. Kate Lynne

- Gayle Johnson 10/19/2018

I have been seeing Dr. Kate since she opened her practice here in town-how ever many years that has been! Always listens, always cares, and has very gentle approach to care. We are also personal friends, in the interest of full disclosure!!!!! Wouldn't go anywhere else, regardless.

-Corey Callison 2019 5 Stars on Google

Great Chiropractor

-Lori R. 10/18/19

I have gone to see Dr. Kate for a few years now. I always have a good experience. She takes the time to listen and recommend the best treatment options. She works with the client in many ways. I would highly recommend stopping in and giving Knafla Chiropractic a try! Cathy (the receptionist) is always friendly and does a great job. Toby (Dr. Kate's dog) is usually the first one to greet you at the door, which is pretty cool, if you are a pet lover, as I am!

- Tiffany Huebner 9/14/2018
"I’ve been using Knafla for 12 plus years. They are incredible. We moved to Anoka and I still drive back up for sessions. Love Dr. Kate!"
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- Jennell Willenbring 8/15/2018
"Best experience I've ever had going to a chiropractor. Dr Knafla was great!"
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- Pam Lyngen 6/14/2018
"Dr Kate is excellent! I've gone to her since I injured my back in 2010. I continue to go to her for wellness care. If I strain my back, she is able to see me quickly. I highly recommend her to all my family & friends."
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- melissa patten 6/4/2018
"Love this chiropractor clinic! They are the best!"
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- Michelle LaBrosse 5/8/2018
"I have seen Dr Kate on a regular basis for a number of years as part of my overall wellness plan. Even though it is a bit a drive her expertise is worth it, I wouldn't see anyone else for my chiropractic care!"

- Niki Tallman 3/20/2018
"I have been seeing Dr. Kate for the past 7 years for monthly adjustments. She is my go to for spur of the moment sessions when I've thrown my back out or had sports injuries. She has also assisted me with dietary needs and supplements. Thank you for the work that you do~"

- Linda Gareis 3/1/2018
"Great place to go for chiropractic care. I have been going to Dr. Kate since 2006. I go once a month and I buy my standard process supplements from her. I highly recommend her, the best part is the greeting I get from Toby."
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- neil hase 3/1/2018
"My wife and I have been patients for over 23 years and are very satisfied with our care at the clinic :)"
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- Michael Rajala 2/25/2018
"I have been a patient of Doctor Knafla for almost 2 decades. She is a trusted professional who I can always count on to provide me with expert care ranging from specific weekend over-exertion injuries to routine adjustments. She has helped keep me active and healthy! Thank you Doc."

- Joan Rajala 2/24/2018
"Knafla Chiropractic has been an integral part of my complete health care program. Over the years, I have used them for short term injury help and nutrition counseling. Most recently, however, I've realized the benefits of long term help in the form of maintenance visits and the use of other therapies such as massage. My five-star rating for Dr. Kate, her facility, and Staff is true and heartfelt as I am a most stubborn, analytical, not easily convinced creature when told to do something for my own good! Thank you so much!"
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- Cyndi Lou 11/13/2017
"Dr. Kate is just an all around good person and great Dr."
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- Chris Strandberg 8/28/2017
"I have used her for adjusting my back, knees, neck and shoulders on many occasions. She also helped me thru a long painful bout of tennis elbow. She is also great for KIDS!! When my daughter was 11 mo. she was chronic with ear infections, had tubes and when the tubes fell out (when she was 3) the ear infections returned. I tried Dr. Kate and after a few adjustments, my daughter (who is now 24) never had another ear infection."

- Sherri Peterson 8/16/2017
"Highly recommend!!! The best in town!!! Other places I have left with headaches and in more pain than when I went in... here I leave with no headaches, no pain, and feeling so much better than when I went in! Thank you Dr. Kate for all you do for me, and my family!"
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- Diane Erickson 7/9/2017
"Dr. Kate's the best. Fractured my back in 1997. I'm still walking because of her. Highly recommend her. Nutritional analysis is great, too. Try it and her. Diane"
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- Marah Studniski 6/11/2017
"This is my first choice for chiropractors in Princeton. I can usually get in the same day when needed. Seeing Toby, the office dog, always brightens my day too. Highly recommend this place to everyone."
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- Anonymous 6/1/2017
"Dr Kate is a caring doctor who can help with your whole body issues. She has helped me with migraines, headaches, backaches, etc. As well as allergies, colds, skin care, etc."

- Kristy Mckusick 6/1/2017
"Dr Kate has helped me to live a normal everyday life. She is able to diagnose my health issues with out the excessive cost and typical clinic tests. I recommend her for everything from the common cold to adjustments."
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- John Ellison 10/7/2016
"Kate is great, I have seen her as needed since she came to town. Love her care Love her concern Love her method I even live her dog! ..."
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- Anna Collins 1/16/2016
"I have been seeing Dr. Kate for over 10 years and have recommended all of my friends and family there. She is amazing and has helped me through sports injuries and car accidents."
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- Anna Nelson 1/29/2015
"I've been seeing Dr. K for over 10 years. I don't trust my health with anyone but her. Friendly environment and great care!"
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